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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"In the Company of Friends" SOLD

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"In the Company of Friends"
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

From the beautiful facilities of the Nossi College of Art (the dream of one incredible lady, Nossi Vantandoost)

to the 19 artists who gathered

From one rowdy Karen...and others...
 who "blew me up" on their phones and used phone apps to "crack the whip"

To the...wait a minute...I know...they look so thoughtful.  But as we all know, looks can be deceiving. 
I hate to mention the names of who else was rowdy, but hey, I have never minded posting photos....;)

 A little taste of musical easels:))

Only the ones who behaved themselves got to be in the group shot.  And yes, I did say 19 artists were here.  Originally.  Hey, how did Karen get in this photo??? 
Okay, okay---I FORGOT TO TAKE THE PICTURE...almost:))!
Thanks to Joanne, Linda, Maggie, Mary Lou, David, Roger, Kristen, Carol, Ellen, Sarah, Pat, Patti, Susan, Karen, Karen, Debra, Marcia, Christy, and Carol for a wonderful 3 days of painting amongst friends:)!!!

And guess what??I hung out in Nashville a couple of days past the end of the workshop.  All work related if anyone needs to know:)) 

 I worked at:
Visiting the home of the History Channel's No. 1 Show--"American Pickers"
Neither Frank, Mike, or Danielle were there so...

I ate out.

I discovered a place where I could get a tan, have my hair done AND eat some bar-b-que--all under one roof so...
I ate out.
(Passed on the hair and tan though). 

I visited Leiper's Fork way out in the beautiful countryside of Tennessee.
Home to many country music stars, like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.
I didn't see either one of them so...

I ate out.
(At Puckett's Grocery)

I went to the B.B. Kings Blues Club
B.B. wasn't there so...
I ate out. 
I finally came home, fearing if I didn't leave the wonderful hospitality of Nashville, that I would end up looking like...well, like the head I saw suspended from Antique Archaeology's ceiling...

 I drove home Tuesday and had to break the long drive up so guess what I did?? 
No.  You're wrong.  Do you think all I do is eat on these trips???

I stopped at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.

THEN  I ate out:)))

Wonder if the above Pig's head comes in a one size fits all??

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