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Friday, January 6, 2012

"Where to Look for Joy"

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 30 x 24in on museum quality panel, framed

Where to Look for Joy
Does it exist inside or outside  ourselves?
Can we choose it or does it simply overtake us?
Is it in things, experiences, relationships?
Like a good mystery, the answers are there for each of us.
It is the clues we must uncover.
When do we experience joy?
In real laughter?
In breathtaking moments of nature revealed?
The beauty of birth or the experience of true love?
It is, no doubt, unique to each of us.
 The “when” provides some clues, but not the answer.
Who experiences joy?
The youngster or the oldster?
The academically educated or the one educated by life?
The rich and powerful or the poor and powerless?
Or all of the stages between  the aforesaid?
It would appear that everyone does--
Even Victor Frankl,  survivor of the Nazi death camps, spoke of finding joy in the oddest of things---as in hearing the news that the particular camp he had come to was small and therefore had no gas ovens.
So again some clues, but not the answer.
How do we experience joy?
Can we arrange for it to happen?
Can it be timed or measured?
Is there a little joy as compared to a big joy or is there simply JOY?
It would appear that weighing joy is right up there with weighing thoughts---no scale has been created for it---It’s small enough to fit inside us and yet too big to measure.
Clues and more clues, but not the answer.
This last question maybe gives the most clues yet..
What is joy?
It is
 heart bursting
 brimming eyes
It is everything we know about good and goodness and light rolled into one undefinable moment
Perhaps with these clues you can begin looking in your own life as to when these moments arise, clues as to where your joy might be found.
For me it is
orchids blooming
Eddie sleeping in the sun
a furry fat cardinal in the middle of winter
the waves on the seashore, Pacific or Atlantic
long hair left on the sink by my daughter, now back home in LA
hot bath for a tired body
remembering my Dad’s voice when he called my name
time taken to sit in stillness
The truth is, joy exists in every crevice and corner of our lives.  
It is  within and without.
We both look for it and at times, 
it overtakes us when we are looking elsewhere:))

It comes with us a birth and follows us to our grave.
Be we rich or poor,  better or worse, it will hunt us down--
showing up at the most unexpected moments.
Never to be measured, 
in countless ways 
JOY runs ‘long side us on the trail--
Where to look for joy?
Maybe the clues point  not so much at the “where to” but more the question that Life asks of us
“Where do you look for joy?”
Everywhere, in every situation, in every person, in all that comes to us 
For it is not a question of where is it,
But a choice of  seeing that it is already here.
The painting "Joy" has it scripted in at least two places, one of which is in the out take above. Can you see it:))??

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