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Friday, May 4, 2012

"It's Junk Drawer Friday!" No.2

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be prepared to be amazed, to gawk in wonder, to scratch your head in confusion, over what you will find here.....:))

Let the Randomness Begin:

A Piece of Purple:
So many  things blooming at the moment....including my clematis which I LOVE:))  My little lady looks quite happy:))

 In need of an idea for a  last minute headdress for the Derby???  Something that incorporates flowers and is guaranteed to turn heads??

Amazing AND Derby Worthy!
I know. 
Like most high fashion looks, not everyone can pull this off. 

Cheap Thrills:
One of my favorite studio gadgets:)  Intended for house painters to remove dried paint from glass, this scraper is the BOMB for quick and easy cleanup of your palette (even on those big lumps of dried paint:) For about three bucks, you too can have the cleanest palette in town:))  It's made by Stanley and can be purchased at places like Lowe's and Wally World (Walmart for those of you who don't know the lingo;)

When I heard this, all I could think of was all the time he had wasted.  If only he had started younger...Click Here:))

Company's Comin':
It has been said that company and fish have at least one thing in common.  After three days, they both start to stink.
Eddie Pierre will arrive after my return from Cary, NC (I teach two workshops there, starting this Monday).
It is my sincere hope he does not add credibility to the aforementioned observation.....

If video does not appear, click here:))

I have already told you why I leave home to teach.  It's how I keep my sanity while living with the likes of Eddie. 
 If you have an "Eddie" in your life (which may be thinly disguised as your children who have not left home yet even though they are officially old enough to drink,  jobs that are running you nuts, nosey neighbors...you name it:)) then you consider this your official invite to run away with me and paint:))  

The 2013 Workshop Dates are now online and ready for your perusal....Just click to run away er I mean to go:)!

Shown Above:

So there you have it.  The color purple, hair olympics, the great chase, the pitfalls of wasting those early years and the offer for THE GREAT ESCAPE.  Many things to ponder on this Derby/Cinco de Mayo week-end.  

Me??  I'm heading to Cary, NC to escape Eddie teach:)))!

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