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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Quiet Color" SOLD

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"Quiet Color"
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel
©2012 Dreama Tolle Perry

We are inspired within by what is without. 
Conversations, music, the first strong sunshine carried in on a March breeze--
All filled to the brim with Magic! 

And so it goes with what it is about teaching that I  love.
Inspiration blows in with each new artist that I meet.
Their stories, their knowledge, their dreams!

I get to pull my chair up and dip my toe into all that goodness:))

March brings daffodils, grape hyacinth
My first workshop of 2012 in Lexington, KY!

Artists' Attic in the heart of downtown Lexington (aka Horse Capital of the World:)
is the perfect place for painters to hang out together!

Surrounded by working artists' studios these gals got a lot of painting done! 

Here's a sampling from Day One--a few got carried out the door before I got their pic!
The second day included more great art and a trip to Brenda P.'s house after a day painting--to see, what else...MORE ART!!! 
Each workshop I do is so special and unique due to the folks that show up (I always have the BEST people show up...I just gotta say:))!! And you never know exactly how it will unfold, but it's always great!
More to follow in the next post:)

In Other News:

Many things are in the news including...


And just when I thought I was gaining on things. 
A potential Eddie or Eddietta.???

If you haven't subscribed yet to my blog, now would be an excellent time to do so.

I fear I may need the moral support.

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