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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Taking Credit"

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"Italiana Entrata Gated"
6 x6 oil on museum quality panel/SOLD
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Taking Credit
When beauty is birthed from us, be it in words, paintings, a look, a song, a touch
We inherently know we cannot take credit for it
It comes, as a friend once told me,
From a place beyond the ordinary.
When praise is offered, we are almost embarrassed to mutter thanks--it so feels like taking credit when someone else did most of the work--but then, there it is.  
The “help” is unseen to the naked eye--can’t very well gesture to it and say--they helped:))
The thing that seems most relevant in the making of beauty is the fact that when the idea presented itself 
we said yes.  
Without the yes, the work most certainly would not have been born.  
So there it is.  
The greatest of works, 
symphonies--those finished and “unfinished”
the statue of David,
songs that touch the very core of our being,
the vision of Walt Disney and his castles,
your work
my work
all began with one thing in common

When the idea presented itself

A simple thing to take credit for---the courage of a yes:))

In Other News:
Artist Barbara Lowry was one of the winners for my giveaway and has selected (Eddie was so thrilled) "Made in the Shade", one of the prints in the Eddie and Phyllis Series.  Yeah Barbara!!  Check your email--I still have one more winner to check in!

Just added a new page to my blog called Articles for Artists (there's  one at the moment and it's a good one if you have been trying to decide if you should have your art online:))  

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