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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"A French State of Mind" SOLD

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"A French State of Mind"
8 x 8in oil on museum quality panel

You don't need a lot of time,
five minutes will do.
You can, by simply closing your eyes, leave home without ever leaving your chair.  
You can feel the sun on your back and the breeze stir your hair
as you amble along. 
You can breathe deep and try to discern all the scents carried on the air--maybe a mix of strong coffee tinged with roses. 
You don't have to walk fast nor far. 
You don't have to walk at all. 
You can choose to lean against the old stone building, now heated up from the morning sun. 
You can simply breathe into this moment, this space in time. 
It is yours to create,
and to be with whomever you want--or no one at all. 
How delicious is this body, heart and soul that we have,
 which allows us to transport ourselves to anywhere,
just by the closing of our eyes.

Please Note:  Just for the fun of it, I have added to the side bar of my blog, a new word a day in French--just click to hear the word--maybe we can get Frenchified together:))))
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