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Monday, December 19, 2011

"Dreaming of.... a White Catmas?" SOLD

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"Dreaming of....a White Catmas?"
8 x 8in oil on museum quality panel
SOLD---Prints Available, Click Here

Since hearing of his rating on Santa's Naughty/Nice list (see latest Eddie installment), Eddie has been hustling his buns all week.

(It is now obvious---he CAN get by on less than 16 hours of sleep).

*Meetings with Phyllis in **"The Bored Room" (his spelling, not mine)
*Contracts examined, letters written.  **"The Fine Print"

*Even flowers for Phyllis for all her hard work (never mind he swiped them from my desk)
**"Flowers for ME??"

Apparently, after all that,  a plan has been hatched. 

Whatever it is, it seems to be in the box that Eddie and Phyllis have been moving all over the house--window to window, front porch to back porch, waiting for the FedEX man. 

Even I am stumped this time, and I know Mr. Smooth Fur pretty well.....

What does Eddie, the classic re-gifter, have IN that BOX???

Please Note:  This is No. 20 in the Eddie and Phyllis Series.  To see the entire series, now available in print, click here!

A Very Special Note and Warning: The above titles marked ** denote upcoming paintings in the Eddie and Phyllis Series:)))

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