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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Words"

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"Colors of the Heart"

Thank you
(I feel better now)

Thank you
(For loving the unlovable in me)

Thank you
(For seeing me)

Thank you
(For hearing me)

Thank you
(For caring)

Thank you
(For making a difference)

Thank you
(For calming my fears)

Thank you
(My strength is renewed)

There is so much good, unspoken, in just two words
So much good unleashed, in just two words.
It has been said before... the most beautiful  excess of all is
excessive gratitude.

Eddie and I are so grateful for you that we arranged a special parade just in your honor.  Unfortunately Eddie is on the budget committee.......

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Words fall short on this last one...it is well worth the time to watch and to share...(make sure to watch this one full screen--just click box in lower right hand corner) "Let the gratefulness flow into blessings all around you..."

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