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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Old World Charm, Present Day Beauty" SOLD

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"Old World Charm, Present Day Beauty"
6 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

The Recipe
A lot of years,
A lot of sun,
A lot of rain
The touch of many hands,
Spread over many lifetimes

Yields:   Old world charm in  this present moment:))

Dreama's Prescription for Fun

Eddie and  I believe you deserve some fun (actually Eddie says fur....I say fun;))

With a wee little watercolor kit
And a Pigma Micron pen that is archival (and most importantly won't "bleed" when you put water on it)---
You can ALLOW yourself to have a great deal of FUN:))  Anytime, anywhere, night or day.

You don't have to be "serious".  This is strictly for your own personal enjoyment.  I can almost guarantee you will have more fun than Eddie when attacking my feet as I make up the bed--and that's a lot of fun, according to Ed:))

 I especially love the use of it for journaling--but the  possibilities are endless.  With a few lines drawn in, you can splash the color around to your heart's content.  And that has got to be good for you:))

A view on the farm of Mr. Big Paws.... 

And from my past journals, a friend's studio in San Diego

and a taste of Germany.

It's amazing how the simple things in life can add so much joy to our lives.
A little water, a little pigment  from the earth,
painted onto what was once a tree.
Joy in the simplest of things.

So get yourself some watercolors, doodle, sketch and stick man your way to fun-- and get your daily dose of color in.
That's the RX from Eddie and I today:)))

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