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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Eddie Goes Native (And Takes Phyllis With Him)"

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I'm sorry.  Just when you thought it would be an Ed free week--you made it to Friday--and then--and then...
"Eddie Goes Native (and takes Phyllis with him)"
8 x 8" oil on museum quality panel
On occasion, one feels certain that one just might have run amuck.  Perhaps fallen short of the prize--maybe way short of being a serious artist.  Take this morning for example, fully intentioned to be all business,  "neating up" my office (an Ann P. phrase), addressing packages to ship and such....well....
cut to...
me on the back porch doing a photo shoot of one  lei wearing cat (Ed) dancing on a straw island hat with one lei wearing mouse (Phyllis).  I'm not sure, but I don't think real artists do this kind of stuff.  I mean, Monet, Van Gogh??  Cats, mice and leis?? 

But then I remember,  I have an artist friend who is, as we speak, crafting an iconic fast food Jack-in-the-Box head, concerned if she can speed the paper-mache dry time by placing it in an oven--- which makes me feel much better about myself.  Just sayin'.  And I am not going to mention any names...at least not at the moment.  Unless you really want to know.  Then of course I would have to give it up.  You are my readers and you come first.  At least that is what I would tell Leslie.

Inspired by my Hawaiian adventure, Eddie is planning his "truck-or-treat" outfit.  No, you didn't misread that.  Eddie misinterprets things from time to time---well, in fact, most of the time.  He hears one thing and then is off and running with his own story.  In this case I happened to  overhear him telling Phyllis how "truck-or-treat" works.  It involved mud flaps and high riding in a "monster" truck with Phyllis as a hood ornament.  Sometimes I just pretend I don't hear. 
It's easier that way.

Please Note:  This is No. 6 in the Eddie and Phyllis Series. 
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