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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


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Celebrating the Oddity

In our rush for acceptance (ie approval/love) we often reject the very thing about our self that makes us a unique, one of kind, never to be duplicated kind of soul.

When it comes to doing creative things I think that may be the reason we often find our self with an internal war going on.  

We crave the creative, one of a kind, signature look---and simultaneously fear being seen as “different”

And why is that you ask??

--'Cause different ain’t generally held as a good thing in some parts.  

“You all know Jim?”

”Yeah, he’s kind a different ain’t he?”  

As I am writing this  I am looking at the newest member of my family...one cute tuxedo kitten with half---yes---half a moustache.  He’s so darn cute!  And much cuter than if he had had a whole moustache:))  

Of course he’s not worried about it.  It has never occurred to him that he is anything but perfect.  And doggone it---it’s what sets him apart from about a zillion other tuxedo cats on the planet.

Our divine uniqueness, our imprint, our oddities if you will--are what set us apart from all the other creatives/artists/human beings in the world. 

If you are inspired to try something a little unorthodox with your art---I suggest you go for it:))  It could be the very thing you will go down in history for!  
Playing it safe, filling in that half moustache with a tattoo to try and blend in with what’s already happening, downplays the very reason you are here. 

Personally, I think we should start celebrating our oddities.  
Maybe call it  Quirkday.  
Once a year not only acknowledge our weirdness.... actually CELEBRATE it in high style:)))

Are you the one who always gets the most paint on you at a workshop?  By gum, celebrate it.  Take photos.  Make sure folks realize how much fun you are having to the point they are Sap Green with envy:)  

Are you someone who likes to have a soda with that Glazed Krispy Kreme Donut?  Do not apologize.....while folks are watching, throw in a  couple of packets of sugar just to watch their eyes get bigger.

It’s worth taking note--- 

what makes us different can be our salvation! 

Some folks with the oddest of voices have become famous lending their voices to cartoons,  commercials and movies.  
Even Van Gogh’s moment of thinking he might look better with one ear probably contributed to his fame:))

Our quirks are our strengths, if we can but allow ourselves to see them that way.  

It is our way of being, of seeing, of doing in the world.  A singular, unique perspective that we bring to life.  

The cool thing about quirks and oddity’s--- like those that occur  in a junk store or remnant bin ---are how they stretch our imaginations.  Something that doesn’t have a match, that's unusual, becomes the very thing that engages us.  

Much more satisfying than walking in and picking out matched sets of everything---odd tables and chairs in some of the bohemian restaurants have a feeling of freshness about them --they intrigue us with their chipped paint and worn colors.   
I like to think that our quirks provide the same kind of inspiration!

Until we are able to celebrate our quirks, we may never know just how amazing and wonderful we are:))

The First Annual Quirkday.
It’s almost here
What are you celebrating?

I’m celebrating my ability to listen to the same music....over and over and over 'til it drives those around me nuts. (I am currently on a Maroon 5 binge;) 
I’m celebrating my ability to carry the same purple handbag for 3 years. 
I'm celebrating my penchant for buying paint because I like the name of it (as in Caribbean Blue
I'm celebrating my need for faux and real fur in my life--on blankets, coats and cats:))

Celebrate your quirks and open the door to inspiration!

P.S.  Okay, so there really isn’t a Quirkday, but I am thinking of starting one....all you need do to be a member is claim your oddity.

Let the Celebration Begin!

P.S.   Can you believe we are at Day Seven already?? That's way over 1,000 comments of Gratitude--How beautiful is that!
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